Photo by Claire Walker

I shared my application to art conservation graduate school rather publicly on Facebook and many of my friends and family were forced to experience the anxiety, uncertainty, and anger with me. So many people were interested (I’m choosing to believe this was real and not simply polite…) in the application process all three times I went though it. Based on that, I figured many of you would want to read/see what this actual schooling process is like for a painting conservator in training! This blog will chronicle my preparation for moving to Newcastle upon Tyne, England, my 18 months (!) of schooling at Northumbria University, and my life after as a painting conservator.

I’ll try to update the blog as much as possible. I’ve never been much of a journal or diary person, but they say ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words.’ Perhaps if I can drop you all a picture with a brief explanation, I’ll be better at keeping this updated! Nevertheless I want to chronicle this exciting and much awaited time in my life, so I’m hoping my obligation to keeping this updated will keep me writing.

So… here we go!