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I’ve been very lucky to have traveled a bunch around the world since I was a child! In the past 8 years, my second passport has received full page visas from Italy (a Schengen Country student visa), India, and Argentina, plus numerous stamps from a variety of countries. Bad news? This means that my passport ran out of pages TWO YEARS before it expires… womp womp. Terrible problem I know! In addition to this issue, my passport was due to expire 2 days before my graduate program in the UK ended.

These two problems together has caused me to get my passport (this is my third) renewed early and expedited. I opted to get an extra large passport (it has 52 pages instead of 24) expedited back to me. Why additional pages? It doesn’t cost extra when you regularly renew you passport. This sure beats the cost of $80 to have additional pages sewn in. Why did I get it expedited? I did this because it’s a busy time of year for passport processing (family vacations and study abroad) and I needed my passport back ASAP to apply for and receive my Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies(CAS) from Northumbria. Once I get the CAS and no more than 3 months from the start of my program (September 13th, 2013), I can apply for my UK Tier 4 Study Visa. To apply for the visa I have to send away my new passport which I received late last week….

Old and New Passports- It's crazy how much a face changes in 8 years!

Old and New Passports- It’s crazy how much a face changes in 8 years!

Right now I’m waiting for my CAS. Hopefully it’ll come in soon and I can start my UK visa application!