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The past 2 weeks or so I’ve been preparing for my UK Tier 4 visa application. I’ve finally completed all of the online forms, I have my photo, and my bio-metrics appointment is booked. The bio-metrics appointment is where the UK Border Patrol Agency (UKBPA) takes a digital photo of you and your digital fingerprints to compare against various criminal activity databases. Should be relatively simple- I just have to drive up into Maryland and show up at my appointment on Thursday with all of my documents. My documents total about 40 pages, plus my transcripts, photos, and my passports. Yes, that is passportS. They want my expired passports as well. Craziness I know!

After all of this is completed, I have to submit my application to the UKBPA within 2 weeks of my bio-metrics appointment. However, I just read some new fine print tonight stipulating that I cannot apply for my visa until 3 months before my program starts, so no applying before the middle of June. Fortunately the end of my 2 week period will be at the beginning of the middle of June… Crisis narrowly averted… I hope…