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My application for housing at Student Castle was approved! Hurray! I mailed back my lease (a packet of papers) earlier this week. Mailing things to the UK is apparently tricky and expensive. For $60 USD I could guarantee it to be there in 2 days by 5pm through UPS. Not necessary I said… Next option? For “$55 USD it could be there sometime within the next 2 days.” Still not necessary I said… I just wanted it there within the next few weeks. For “$44 USD it could be there sometime within the next two weeks… but it can only be tracked until it leaves the US and who knows how long it could take to arrive to Newcastle once it is in the UK. It depends on their mailing system there… it could be months once it leaves the US, but we guarantee 2 weeks to get out of the US courtesy of USPS.” I asked if there were any other options…. if I wanted it there “within the next 3 months then I could pay $20 USD.”………… Since StudentCastle wanted it back by the 3rd of June, I decided to go with the $44 USD option and hope that my stars are lucky…. Everything really seems to be an ordeal to get things across oceans. Good news? My visa application only needs to be mailed to New York City. Thank goodness!

In other happy news, I had a hair trim today courtesy of my lovely friend Lee and I’m very happy about it! It counteracts nicely the fact that I couldn’t attend the AIC Annual Conference this year happening right now in Indianapolis. Many of my friends and mentors are there (some are even presenting!), so I wish I could be there to catch up with them and cheer them on. Oh well, it’ll happen soon enough that I too get to go to AIC nearly every year! Hope everyone is staying cool despite the heat wave- it’s 93 F here! I’ll go melt in a corner now….