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So I know I haven’t been updating that much lately…. I fell off the wagon. I’ll admit not too much has been happening, so I haven’t really thought to post. A bunch of things happened in quick succession, SO here’s the long awaited post!

1. My housing is confirmed for next year. My signed lease is in the possession of StudentCastle Management, so I don’t have to worry about that at all until I need to pay them in September. Phew!

2. I sent in my visa application a few weeks back. Normally the application can take up to 3 months to process; sometimes as little as a month of processing time. Mine processed in 3 weeks! I got an email from the UK Border Patrol stating my passports (with my visa in my new one) will be in the mail back to me on Monday! Crazy! I think this is all finally starting to sink in…

3. Since I’m 6 weeks from moving out in D.C., I have started researching my moving options from moving my belongings from DC to Cincinnati to be stored while I live in the UK. Since I don’t have that many belongings renting a full length, huge semi for myself is a huge waste of money and fuel. I’ve been looking into a shared moving semi- this is where multiple families belongings are packed into the same semi and then dropped off as the semi-truck travels across the country. So far I’ve gotten a variety of quotes, but this seems rather expensive since I apparently still don’t have enough belongings to entice the companies to move me. This method also means my belongings may arrive any time between 3 days to 3 weeks. Big time difference right?!?! Another option is to hire some movers to help lift the heavy stuff into a uhaul for me, I drive it back to Cinci (with help from my parents), and then have movers help unload it in Cincinnati. I’m leaning towards the latter option…. but I need to crunch the numbers a bit more before I make the final decision this week. Calculator here I come!

4. In preparation for school and life after school, I have started to accumulate all of the supplies I need for conservation graduate school. It’s been like Christmas around here with all of my packages arriving from Amazon. Pretty exciting and awesome, though the government must be really confused as to what I’m planning on doing with all of this! I’ll be writing another post soon when I have everything in hand to show all of my supplies and how I’m storing them, so more on this later…. but this was a teaser to tantalize all my faithful readers out there.

Finally, I’m spending the rest of my summer days working at a Laser Eye Vision Correction Center courtesy of a temp agency. Everyone has been super friendly to me and I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much! I was able to watch 2 LASIK surgeries on my first day of work and the surgeon answered so many of my questions. Pretty awesome right? Time to get ready for work tomorrow!