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Bright and early tomorrow morning my parents and I will head up to Mackinac Island and the Upper Peninsula(UP) of Michigan for a couple days of rest and relaxation. Ever since I can remember we have gone to Mackinac Island nearly every summer. It truly is a magical place since it is very small and there are no cars on the island. There are horse drawn carriage taxis or bicycles you can rent. It is so peaceful and relaxing. While we are up there my Grandmother, on my fathers side, GeBe, is up visiting from her home in North Carolina. It will be great to see her one least time before I head across the pond, particularly in her home turf. She’s originally from the UP. I can’t wait to relax and spend some much needed down time with my family! 

We’ll be back late on Saturday or mid-day on Sunday. Once we are back the final push begins to prep for the move across the pond. 20 days from now I will be on a plane flying from Detroit to Amsterdam (our flight is a bit round about…)… Craziness!!! 

Until then, it’s time for the calming breezes of the Great Lakes and some vacation time…