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(Apologies for a lack of posts, the semester became INSANE and the blog slipped to the way side. New Years Resolution: Update blog on a minimum of a biweekly, preferably weekly, basis. Should be easier this time around as I will be taking pictures in class SO much more! Now, let’s take a trip back in time…)

As the semester began to wrap up, our conservation studies tutor (professor) scheduled our class to work using our new preventative conservation knowledge for a full week at a nearby National Trust historic house property Seaton Delaval. Unfortunately due to scheduling, the week we had available in our schedule did not match up with any projects we could complete for them. As we had a week of mini buses booked, what were we to do to fill our time? Our class decided to fill these extra days with field trips to nearby museums in the North that aren’t easily accessed by public transportation. We filled our days with trips to the Durham Oriental Museum, Seaton Delaval, The Bowes Museum, and the Beamish Outdoor Museum. As the paintings conservation class representative, I served as the trip liaison and helped our tutor book our trips. It was a bit crazy at times, but we had a fun week driving around the northeast with our university driver Ronnie!

First Stop: The Durham Oriental Museum in Durham, England

Interior of Durham Oriental Museum

Interior of Durham Oriental Museum

The Durham Oriental Museum is in conjunction with Durham University. The museum features, you guessed it, archaeological, as well as, contemporary objects from a variety of Asian cultures and civilizations. Despite being a small museum, the collection is extensive and interesting; it spans from ancient Egypt to modern Korea. It is obvious the museum focuses on engaging with children as many didactics were present for them (we may have engaged in these as well…) During our visit, we also were on the look out for their environmental monitoring equipment such as thermometers, hygrometers (measuring relative humidity), security systems, pest monitoring, and the like. We finished out our visit with a quick trip down into Durham to grab lunch at a fish and chippery, as well as to check out some of the charity shops.

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